Top 5 Free Python Learning Courses

Python is considered as one of the most popular high-level general-purpose programming dialects. Python really get is namesake from the comedy troupe of the 70s and 80s Monty Python. Python follows a user-friendly syntax which is easy to use. Which means any person can learn to code without learning other complicated terminologies. Right now, Python is utilized from a few things, for example, web development to data analysis to quantum computing.

Here is the List Of Top 5 Free Python Learning Courses.


Skillshare offers a few Python tutorials aims at beginners. The invigilator has structured the course with the outlook that individuals learning this course have no clue what Python is. The initial barely any sections manage the premise of what python is and how you can learn it.

The course is comprised of 70 chapters with a total runtime of 11 hours. These chapters will help in various arithmetic, logical, and relational work. The course allows step foot into cutting edge subjects like estimating the presentation of your code to refine to make a much better code. Removes common mistakes. Skillshare enables you to include notes yet has no help for subtitles.

This course can also be viewed on your phone by downloading directly through the app.


Bit Degree offers a wide range of incredible courses, yet this Python course takes the cake. As the name recommends, the course shows you how to construct 10 reasonable applications utilizing python.

The course covers 50+ videos.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Python basics
  • How to use Python for data analysis
  • How to develop games with Python
  • How to implement AI-based projects with Python
  • Data science and data visualization using Python

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers an incredible scope of expert improvement courses, and Advance your profession with Python is the same.

Coursera (Free)

Coursera is another of our preferred web-based learning assets, and their Principles of Computing is a decent course to grow your coding aptitudes with Python.

The courses present logical and computational principles, and how you can consolidate them to handle complex issues, to enable you to create extraordinary code.

edX (Free)

edX gives a superb scope of allowed to-get to courses, and their Analyzing Data with Python course could be an incredible route for those with some Python coding abilities to truly break out into the more extensive field of information science.

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