How Coronavirus COVID-19 effects the world economy. We Discuss the SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF CORONAVIRUS COVID-19. 

This is the fact that starvation is more dangerous than death. Anyone dies at once but starvation dies to anyone daily means to say make any one’s life hell.

World customs organizations make careful use of all that coronavirus can grow thirty percent of economic effects all over world poverty. We bring a survey of the past so we know that viruses and bacteria more effect on humans. In the sixth-century above five million people were dying from the plague. In the twentieth-century, thirty million people die with smallpox. The virus always has bad effects on people. Now coronavirus has spread all over the world. At eleven march world health organization reclassified coronavirus as a universal outbreak.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a very bad effect on the economy, unemployment increasing. All the world works together to stand the economy of the world. Now 2,387,502 people affected by this coronavirus. 164,194 people die from this coronavirus.

There are no vaccines discovered by the world to face this coronavirus. In America, millions of people are unemployed. Within one week many of the people are demanding employment allowance in America. The crisis is growing up from this coronavirus. Unemployment grows also in Canada and other European countries.

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