5 Skills you must have for a successful relationship

Maintaining a strong relationship especially for a long period of time isn’t easy and if things don’t work out well, engagements or even marriages often come to a stalemate at some point. However, there are ways to make them work long term if the two parties are willing to carry it for the years to come. Here are 5 most important skills that, if mastered, will make your relationship last a lifetime!

1. You’ve got to have empathy

It helps to see things from the perspective of your partner which is truly a plus point in terms of understanding one another since no two people go through the same kind of life challenges and experiences which leads to seeing the same event differently. The key to success is being empathetic whilst viewing it as legitimate differences avoiding who is right and who is wrong.

2. If you fight, fight fairly

It is inevitable in a relationship to not have arguments and disagreements. However, it is important that some rules are made which are followed by both parties like the ones in boxing matches to prevent injury. The rules can include abstaining from malicious statements, avoiding slamming the doors in anger, resisting the temptation to be petty as well as avoiding insults to in-laws. If it is not implemented at times, try to negotiate it into a solution.

3. It’s important to listen

The statement can make a huge impact on one’s relationship. People love being listened and it shows that the other one values it and truly cares. Listening well and comprehending it should be the true motto. A husband, for example, should strive to hear what his wife is saying and then understand it. In case there’s a doubt, clarify it through questions. It shows that you make an effort along with being an active listener.

4. You have to be able to think “we,” not “I”

A couple must view the needs of each other and look forward to the things that impact them rather than being individualistic. A ‘we’ perspective helps couples that all the needs and requirements are met as one in order to maintain a sense of oneness and create a balance.

5. Give Good Gifts

We all love gifts, don’t we? But it is always extraordinary from that one special person. This skill being the last is one of the most precious pieces of advice of all and it is really so much more than just for the sake of gifts. For a long-lasting relationship, partners must show how they feel about each other from time to time, and through small gestures, this can come to life. Buy flowers on a weekday or just take out the garbage sometimes.


When there is a will, there is away. All the couples out there are competent, communicative, and strong and with these important foundational skills included, they are sure to live a successful and happy life ahead!

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